Casting, Props, Fun!

This has been a hectic month+. We’ve been casting, building props, and locking down our locations – getting ready for the BIG DAY: September 10th! So this blog entry will be brief.

Firstly, we have our cast:
MacLeod Andrews | Chris
Mina Vesper Gokal | Ayana
Derek Morgan | RJ
Kelly Sullivan | Jina
Eric Martin Brown | Anthony
Mollie O’Mara | Jess
Curt Bouril | Morton
Stephen Bradbury | Ananasi
Glenn Thomas Cruz | Mark
Stuart Rudin | Isaac
Mary Monahan | Nadine
Avery Pearson | Matthew
Allison F. Phillips | Joan
Justin Myrick | Nicholas
Jaden Michael | Billy
Tony Wolf | Randall
Adam Feingold | Carl

We couldn’t ask for a more talented group of people to be working with.

Just a quick selection of props and design elements:
Ayana Spinner This is the spinner that Ayana (one of the main characters) uses to weave her special braids.

NYPsychD Logo This is a logo we made for the Psychcops, the special unit of the police force that keeps track of vendors.

That’s it for now. Hopefully we will be able to get one more blog entry out there before we start shooting.