Janis Lozano

Janis Lozano

Key Makeup/Hair Artist, S/FX Makeup


Since Janis was a child, she has had an infatuation with anything creative.

She was always involved in the artistic field, from art, to dance, to jewelry design, to acting and finally makeup artistry. Working for many years as a SAG Actress, Janis was able to learn from the leading makeup artists in the industry, picking up tips along the way.

Throughout the years she developed a high-end clientele including many celebrities and politicians. From film and television makeup to red carpet events Janis is sought out for her talent and professionalism. She also works with many photographers, actors, models, agencies and stylists, creating editorial, beauty, headshot, lifestyle/commercial and fashion show looks. Janis has also worked with prestigious designers for many of the New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week shows and NY Couture Fashion Week shows. Her work has been seen in Lucky Magazine, GQ Magazine, Ravishing Magazine and Zink magazine to name a few.

She also specializes in brow shaping/grooming, lashes and hair styling.

Her philosophy is simple… "Be yourself and wear what works for you.

Enhance your best features and look natural doing it. Focus on preparing your skin well by hydrating, exfoliating and nourishing, in order to prepare the face for make-up." the rest should be fun, after all…"IT'S JUST MAKEUP!"