“One Last Time”

I know there’s been a lack of Found In Time news lately. Partly that’s because we’re playing the waiting game at the moment – waiting for fests that are still some months away. In the meantime, work continues on building the behind-the-scenes material, researching potential distributors, and slowly building up our fanbase.

Also, this month I decided to help an old friend, Dhimitri Ismailaj, out on his next short film. One Last Time is a short about a young couple struggling with both her aggressive breast cancer and the effect it’s having on their relationship. Dhimitri and I met far too many years ago on an independent feature which, I think, has not yet seen the light of day. He was the first AC and I was the production manager. Since then, we’ve worked together on a bunch of projects. He’s always been there for me, so when he called and asked me to co-produce his latest project, I couldn’t resist. Plus, the script is really, really good. His last project, Requiem For Kosova (also shot by Ben Wolf) went to over thirty festivals and took about 8 awards.

The icing on the cake is that I’ve gotten a chance to work with some old Found In Time friends – Ben Wolf is shooting the film, Anthony Viera is doing the production sound mixing, Ghislaine Sabiti is back on costume design, Roy Nowlin is our gaffer, and Rick Morrison (who I knew from a way back also) is our key grip. We go into production on March 30th.

There’s still time to contribute to the One Last Time IndieGogo campaign – just click http://www.indiegogo.com/One-Last-Time and it’ll bring you to the page. Dhimitri’s done a great job outlining what we need, where the money will go and who’s on board. Thank you!